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From assessing new product-market fit to sales-marketing integration as well as higher-level strategy work, we love a good challenge.  Here are some recent examples of our work:


An enterprise storage provider wanted to understand SMB buyer preferences to determine potential marketing, sales and product changes needed for moving downmarket.

Bottom-Line:  Primary research helped them tailor their solutions and lead to successful launch of new SMB-specific storage solutions that exceeded first-year revenue targets by 20%.


Innovative audio technology needed to understand product and marketing readiness to expand into the consumer market.

Bottom-Line:  Capability assessment revealed process, organizational and roadmap gaps that needed to be addressed and funded. New product was wildly successful and led to sale of the company for an industry-leading multiple.


New PE-backed spinout from a leading technology company wanted to gain a deeper understanding of the preferences and actions of their buyers (multiple personas) throughout their purchase journey.

Bottom-Line:  Research identified specific "digital hangouts" that were critical to the purchase journey as well as value of different content from beginning to end. Study also revealed numerous product and support gaps that were leading to customer retention issues and lengthening sales cycles.


Real estate company was looking for ways to acquire new customers in a more automated, cost-effective manner.

Bottom-Line:  Collaborative workshops identified optimum email service providers, templates, data sources and text marketing strategies. This increased deal volume by 40% in the first 90 days.

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